Be an Insider: Meet the Skinalytics CEO

June 28, 2021 ۰ 5 min read

Inside scIQ: Meet the Skinalytics CEO

My Passion For scIQ

When I was 12 years old, I had my first pimple. I’m sharing this to give you an inside look at why I am passionate about scIQ. I remember having my first pimple because I was actually kind of excited to have acne, thinking “I’m finally an adult.” My brother had been suffering through it for four years already, and I had been wondering when it would be my turn. I didn’t realize what a stigma it had associated with it in public until I went to school the next day and got stares and questions from my friends. “What happened to your face?” “What is that red bump? A bug bite?” And then there were the scabs and scars.

My name is Michele Temple-Wong, and I am the CEO of Skinalyltics. My whole family has had acne. My mom felt sorry for me and took me to a dermatologist who prescribed Retin-A and sometimes antibiotics, but I never really felt that it worked. I still got whiteheads and, gosh, my nose! Blackheads everywhere! I am a middle-aged adult now, but I still have blackheads and breakouts. And using certain skin care products just makes them worse.

Can Data Answer These Questions?

Am I the only person out there with a skin sensitivity that leads to acne who is frustrated with the myriad of “acne” products that don’t actually work? Does anyone else experience flare ups of their skin sensitivities by certain skin care products? What portion of the population experiences this and is there a way to segment them to figure out what products or ingredients cause these reactions? These are questions I ask as a scientist. There is anecdotal information about this out there, but has anyone gathered it all together to form answers?

I am a scientist by training in bioengineering, and I have a great interest in learning from data. In this age of big data, the answer has to be out there, right?

For Future Generations

Now, I am a mom, and I would like to help my teens through this formative time (this is a picture of me and my oldest son at the beginning of the pandemic – note how happy he is taking a pic with his mom).

This is what makes me passionate about developing the Skin Care IQ app.  I want to use the data we collect through the app to understand what role demographics, geography, and skin properties play in reactions to skin care products. Our ultimate goal is to develop an artificial intelligence algorithm with collaborative filters that can  recommend products based on our skin types and sensitivities. This could help people with any skin sensitivity and skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, and skin aging.

Watch the Skinalytics 90 sec pitch to learn more about our idea and why I am passionate about it. Share this with your friends and family.



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