How to Pick the Right Products with Skin Care IQ

June 5, 2021 ۰ 5 min read

Let Skin Care IQ Help You!

Have you ever bought a skincare product because someone – an influencer, your friend, or a celebrity-of-the-moment – said it would do great things for your skin, but instead it caused a skin reaction like redness, itching, bumps or acne? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. Over 40% of men and women have experienced such reactions.

According to a OnePoll survey, American women each spend on average $3,800 on skincare and beauty products each year. However, and understandably so, due to the complicated chemical ingredients, many do not do enough research to purchase products that work specifically for their skin type.

Skinalytics founders, Irene Wang, Michele Temple-Wong, and Gilberto Acevelo, first began developing the app, Skin Care IQ (scIQ) with the goal of creating an app and a community that learns from user experiences so users can save time, avoid the aggravation of skin reactions, and better choose products that suit their skin. The phone app is a platform that:

  • provides an assessment for users to identify their specific skin type,
  • allows users to review products and discretely identify products they have reacted to, and
  • recommends products based on published evidence for each skin type
  • recommends products that work for users with similar skin types.

The Skinalytics team believes that, with the introduction of the scIQ app, skin care will become a much more stress-free and enjoyable experience for many. As we come out of the pandemic, the app can help users and the scIQ community look and feel their best. The scIQ app is currently available on the Google Play Store:

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P.S In the next post, we will be introducing our founders and what motivated them to develop this tool. Stay tuned to learn interesting facts about them and their skincare journeys!



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