August 2, 2021 ۰ 5 min read

Inside scIQ: Meet the Skinalytics President

    Irene Wang Co-founder Skinalytics skin care IQHello! This is Irene Wang, cofounder of Skinalytics. I love beauty and skin care. Here’s an inside look at why I am passionate about scIQ. A few years ago, I had a serious allergic reaction to something on my face that made my skin swollen and itchy. For a few months, I tried hard to find what caused my skin reactions, and then I realized I was allergic to certain ingredients in my skin care products. Michele and I started Skinalytics to promote the science of personalizing skin care selection by using an APP powered by our AI technology. This will help everyone understand their skin types and help everyone achieve beautiful skin and a happy, confident life!

Cheers,  Irene



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