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Inside scIQ:
Meet the Skinalytics CTO

Hi there! My name is Gilberto, but you can call me Gil. I am a co-founder of Skinalytics and am a serious advocate of using the power of technology to improve the lives of people. So why am I here? That’s because this project has a special meaning to me.

It's All in the Family

Skinalytics CTO, Gilberto Acevedo and his mom, inspiration for Skin Care IQ.My mom encountered a terrible skin care reaction a while back from the products she had been using for years! Was it a change of ingredients? Some new allergy? We still don’t know to this day, but if anything is certain, it is that when it’s someone close to you that faces pain, all that you want to do is help.

But how can you help if even the experts, who are supposed to know what to do in these situations, don’t know. That’s why I am here, to build the technology that will help people make the right choice, because neither my mom, nor anyone else should have to go through the pain that she went through to find the right skin care product for them.

My New Obsession

If you met me, you’d probably think I’m obsessed, and you’d be right. I’d tell you I’m obsessed with contributing in a positive way to the people on this planet. I believe that with my Software Engineering background and my deep desire to grow and contribute, I can do my part in making this world a better place through the technology I help create.

That is my mission and my purpose. I work every day to improve myself mentally, physically, and spiritually to become the best version of myself. That way, I can contribute even more. Every day I live my values of fun, growth, love, and passion and I bring this to any endeavor I partake in.

Join Us to Improve the Skin Care Experience

So, if you are anything like me, if you value the same things and would like a fun and pleasant experience improving your skin and helping others do the same, then we have the app for you!

And I’ll even admit that my lifestyle for pushing myself to my limits takes a toll on my skin! My own personal skin care struggle relates to acne that makes its debut at the worst possible dates, that “bacne” where you can play connect the dots with, and stretch marks that look like tiger stripes from all the hardcore gym sessions!

So, nobody is perfect, even the skin care models have their bad days. But one thing is true, if you join our Skin Care IQ community to find the right products for your skin and share what you know, you’ll be doing a favor to more than yourself!

Where do we go from here? Join our growing community and journey with us to a better skin and more beautiful life! Download the scIQ app today!

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