How to Select and Store Natural Skin Care Products

July 10, 2022 ۰ 5 min read

Wanna Try Natural Herbal Skincare?

Natural Skin Care Products in ThailandI am currently located in Thailand, a land full of tropical fruits and herbs. Personally in my garden, I am growing basils, mints, aloe vera, lemongrass, rosemary, and many other herbs and fruit trees that love this hot and humid weather.  While it’s fun to work on my gardening project in Thailand, I’ve also started to pay attention to what local people like to use for their skincare. Luckily there are two little local organic grocery stores close to my house. I found it interesting that these local organic shops do not carry any products with large multinational brand names. They only sell products made locally in Thailand, and made with mostly all the local natural ingredients such as aloe vera, cucumber, mangosteen, coconuts or some other plants or herbs I don’t even recognize. I do prefer not to put too many chemicals on my face and body so I want to try these natural products. But then I start to wonder, what things should I be aware of before trying out these skincare products? Without a multinational brand name’s product guarantee, would I accidentally damage my skin using these no-brand local products? 


So, I did some research on how to choose and use the right skincare products made from all the natural ingredients. Below are the tips I am suggesting: 



Tip 1: Choose a small package. 


While these skincare products are made from natural herbs, plants, or fruits, the quality of the products is highly likely less stable than human-made chemical compounds based products. Storage time is usually shorter. It is important to check the expiration date on the product package and I would strongly encourage people to buy a smaller package. It is better to buy it more frequently with a small package for its “freshness.” Just like you won’t eat an old dry cucumber, you may not want to put an old cucumber-based cream on your face as well. 

Natural Aroma Therapy Oils from ThailandTip 2: Store it in a dry place without direct sunlight. If you live in an area of high temperatures, consider putting the products in the fridge. 


This is the same reason why we store our vegetables and fruits in cold temperatures. If you open the product and do not use it often, put it in the fridge before you use it again.


Tip 3: Do some ingredient research beforehand if you are not familiar with it. 


Some natural herbal/plant ingredients are more well-known. For example, aloe vera is well-known for soothing sunburned skin. Cucumber is good for adding vitamin E into your skin and keeping your skin moisturized. Tea tree oil has been proven to treat acne problems and soothe irritated skin. However, there are also some other ingredients you might never have heard of. Check out the Skin Care IQ (scIQ) app before you buy it. What is good about the scIQ app is that all the products were reviewed by real users. It is a community for sharing skincare knowledge that is unbiased by skin care product dollars and provided by people just like you and just like us. Users can get the most genuine opinions about the products through the app.


Tip 4: Try to apply the product on a small area of your skin before putting it on your face.


de leaf Thanaka Moisturizing Whitening Cream All NaturalIf you are highly sensitive to skincare products but you are really interested in trying out herbal/plant-based skincare, apply it on a small, inconspicuous area of your neck and wait to see if there is any unpleasant skin reaction. In my experience, most natural herbal and plant-based skincare products are pretty mild and won’t cause a serious skin reaction. The ingredients are from mother nature. However, it is always safer to try out on a small skin area before you apply it on your face.    


The Skinalytics team that is building scIQ would be thrilled to hear from you if you find any natural skincare products you like and why you think it is great! My recent favorite moisturizing cream is the one I found locally made from Thanaka tree essence, which is a special tropical tree that grows in central Burma. Burmese women have been using it for skin care for a long long time to prevent skin aging and drying problems. I am planning to share my review on the scIQ app after I try it a little bit longer! What about you? What are your favorite skincare products this month? 


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