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Skinalytics was founded in 2017 by Michele Temple-Wong, Irene Wang and Gilberto Acevedo. They recognized that there was very little information for consumers to understand when or why they might have a reaction to a consumer product and how that might be related to their personal genome, microbiome, demographics, lifestyle, and environment. They want to provide a tool that can be a platform to collect this data which might be helpful to consumers and physicians.

Start-Up Awards

Skinalytics incubated at the UCSD Rady School of Management where they developed their pitch and commercialization plans. Skinalytics won a MyStartR award for students and a MyStartUpXX award for female-led start-ups to continue developing their idea.

...so you can be more confident in your skin.


Skinalytics is dedicated to skin health and is focusing its first efforts on a digital beauty app. The first product presented by Skinalytics, skincare IQ or scIQ, is a mobile app that will personalize the selection of skin care products.

This platform will incorporate the power of big data and use an artificial intelligence algorithm with context-aware collaborative filters, to take data about:





to make personalized skin care recommendations to users.

The Business Idea

Check out the Skinalytics pitch to better understand the business idea.


Michele Temple-Wong, CEO

Irene Wang, President

Skin Care IQ, Skinalytics CTO, Gilberto Acevedo

Gilberto Acevedo, Chief Technical Officer


If you have questions or would like to collaborate with us, please contact us:

If this could help you or a friend, join our community in skin care health and encourage others to join. By sharing our experiences, we can be more informed skin care consumers.


We have had much help in developing this product and website. We would like to thank all those who have helped us from mentors to software engineers and UI designers. This includes the following people:


Kimberly Davis King leads the StartR incubator at the Rady School of Management at the University of California, San Diego where she is also a lecturer. She has over 17 years of experience in the venture capital industry and focuses on investing and mentoring startups and high growth companies. Kim is also currently an adjunct professor at the San Diego State University Fowler College of Business.

Dr. Lada Rasochova is the executive director of the California Institute for Innovation and Development, managing director of the Rady Venture Fund and director of StartR accelerator at the Rady School of Management at the University of California San Diego.

David Bullis is a top-performing marketing executive with 20 years of genomics experience working for industry leading life science companies including Illumina. He has co-founded and consulted for various companies on product development, and commercialization. He is currently the Director of Commercial Strategy in Bioinformatics for Qiagen.

Software Engineers

Winter-Spring 2017
Kelvin Diaz-Reyes
Sergio Luna
Sawandeep Kaur
Abhisek Singh

Spring-Summer 2017
Gerardo Gonzalez

Summer 2017
Jack Cho
Sean Nam
Sidney Nguyen
Zixian Wang
Fabian Choi
Kevin Chu

Fall 2017
Nicholas Phan

Winter 2018
Eli Eshel-Krohn

Winter-Spring 2018
Anand Bhavsar

Summer 2018
Jingwen Yu
Zifeng Xie
Xiangyi Gong

Spring-Summer 2018
Yuehao Jia

Winter 2019
Jaime Velazquez
Roy Feng
Ignacio Becerra
Eduardo Sanchez
Rujvi Mehendre
Faith Kim

Spring 2020
Yueqi Liao
Darren Jian

Spring-Summer 2020
Tung Doan

Summer 2020
Andrew Benser
Austin Choy

Summer-Fall 2020
Steven Gov

Fall 2020-Spring 2021
Jonathan Xiong

Fall 2020-Summer 2021
Jason Avalos Morfin

Winter-Fall 2021
David Zhao

Spring 2021-Fall 2021
Andrew Nguyen

Summer 2021-Fall 2021
Jorge Acevedo
Russell Kohler

Design Interns

Spring 2017
Alex Li
Fiona Chang
Amber Tang
Steven Chen

Social Media Interns

Spring 2018
Chen Shiuan Keng
Louis Wantah
Sarah Zhang

Spring-Summer 2018
Yakun Ju

Summer 2018
April Gao
Allison Petacil
Crystal Wang
Sammi Wong

Logo Designer

Winter 2019
J. Sophie Lin