Skin Type Modifiers


While skin type describes properties inherent to your skin, it can change over time, interactively with many factors including diet, lifestyle, and environment [2, 3].

Puberty: In many people, skin type changes at the onset of puberty when there are changes in hormone levels coincident with increased oil or sebum production [4]

Women experience dramatic hormonal changes as they mature and have children, but after menopause, oil production and hormonal levels naturally decrease, relieving many of the skin problems encountered in youth including acne and brown spots.

In men, oil production may not subside until 80 years of age and finding products that can control oil production would prove useful in the long run.

Advanced aging: As we continue to age, the skin thins, becomes drier, and is more fragile for several reasons:

Hence, there are many factors that could be targeted in the selection of skin care products and vary depending on our stage of life. Skinalytics is trying to develop a tool that can help us at these various life stages select a variety of skin care products that would work for our personal skin types:.